Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grand Total

Hey There!

As most of you know, I counted every book I read last year. (2011)

As I read each book I wrote down a few things about the book in a notebook, such as what number that book was, what the Name of the book was, who the author was, when I started it and when I finished, and how many pages were in that book. 
So, as the year went on I filled my first notebook and had to get a second one. 
 The Grand Total of books I read in 2011 is 163 books! Altogether that's 46,460 pages. 
I had no idea that I could read so many books in a year! 

The Author that I read the most was Ted Dekker.<3

This morning as I was adding up all the numbers, I read through some of the notes I had written down about each book. I couldn't help but laugh at myself at some of the things I said about the books I read. Sometimes I would be so happy that that book was over and then other times I would almost be depressed that I had finished a book. Just thinking back over everything I read last year I remember all the good/great books, the sad books and the "will this book ever end?" books and everything in between.

Last year was an awesome year, and the books that I read just made it even better.
I hope that for everyone else out there that their 2011 books were just as awesome as mine, and that 2012 would bring even more amazing books to be read.

Happy Reading! <3 

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